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What we do

The Centre seeks to identify practical ways to increase productivity and enhance shared prosperity. Our research programme covers four broad and interlinking areas, each of which assumes a national and local lens:

Trade and Competitiveness


Sustainable Public Finances


Strategic Economic Infrastructure


Public Services, Welfare and Skills


How we work

To maximise the impact of our work on the ground, the Centre brings together a focus on:

  • High quality analysis to develop policy recommendations fully, identifying through robust quantitative and qualitative research key barriers to system change;
  • Engagement and advocacy, co-designing research programmes with policymakers to develop pragmatic solutions and maximise the real world value of our work; and,
  • Implementation, working with stakeholders – including national and local government, business and civil society – to navigate technical, political and institutional complexity to achieve outcomes.


Deep Place Engagement

At CPP we believe that place matters and must be at the heart of our understanding and development of effective, integrated economic and social policy. Such integration of economic and social policy is the basis of inclusive growth.

In our deep place engagement work, we work with local leaders and policymakers across the UK and globally, providing strategic advisory and research capacity to support system change and inclusive growth in action.

Latest Research

Politicians must stand up to a culture of rent-seeking

For decades politicians have been too timid in challenging the rise of rentierism. But this rentier system stands in the way of a more inclusive form of economic growth, which if not dismantled, will lend increasing support to a more extreme form of politics.

Press Release: Landowners make £13bn profit in one year, as high land prices stifle affordable housing

The Centre 0

Landowners are pocketing billions of pounds of profit every year just for getting planning permission, which raises prices and makes it harder than ever to buy land for new social housing, according to the Centre for Progressive Policy and the National Housing Federation.

Gathering the windfall: how changing land law can unlock England’s housing supply potential

Our latest working paper calls on the government to radically reform the way that land is bought and sold to help tackle the housing crisis.